Julie Shay Basey Harcharas

First I’d like to say welcome  to my blog as the man sings the call to prayer this afternoon.  This is officially my first post so it may be short.  Recently I moved to Khemisset, Morocco from the United States so I have many many things to talk about.  I’ve been her for two weeks and I have to say I still cannot believe this is my life.  For the first time in my life I just have to enjoy life and take care of my family.  My family consists of my soon to be husband Mbarek Harcharas, my Chi-weenie dog, Butch, my Siamese cat, Bhakdi Chai, and Mbareks’ cat Mish Mish (Arabic for Cat Cat), she’s an tiny little girl who is an alley cat.  For now we are living with his family until we can get our house on our land in the country.  Mbarek and his siblings have a plot of farm land that has been handed down from generation to generation so we plan to take his part of the land and make a small farm.  We’d like to have chickens, roosters, lamb, sheep and maybe a cow or two.  I actually would like to have a donkey and a horse too.

But first, we have to get  legally married here in Morocco.  This is quite a task, just to get married.  There is so much paperwork that we both need to have then mine has to be translated into Arabic.  We have to visit the US Embassy because I need their permission to marry him.  Just when you think you’ve left the US I assure you, you haven’t.

To be continued…….


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