Everyone wants out.

Do you ever find yourself browsing the streets of a foreign city in Google Maps in the street viewer to see what a city is like?  Perhaps you have $2000 and you go to travelocity or some travel site to see just how far away from home the money will take you?  I love Google Maps!  I once was browsing the streets of a town in Columbia and saw, what seemed like, real time imaging of this guy peeing right on the street.  Remember ya’ll Google is always watching, lol.  So I guess what I don’t understand much is the real reality of what goes on here in Morocco when it comes to the young folks here.  Everyone has internet and everyone has a cell phone, yet it’s still not really acceptable to date as a teenager.  That’s okay and all but it’s interesting that in this day and age of being able to talk to someone around the world at all hours that these kids still really can’t date.  So here’s the way it works over here.  When kids are teenagers and in high school they don’t really date.  I’d say 60% of them do not date but some of them do.  Basically a boy or young man spies a girl that he likes.  He finds out where she lives then goes to ask for her hand in marriage.  He doesn’t really have to know her but as long as he has a good job or can support her then if she says yes, and most times they do, then the parents will say yes or no.  So for example my niece Donya, she was talking to a young man and my sister in law yanked her out of school.  They would rather her have no education rather than talk to a boy.  Now let’s think about this for a minute.  You have a young girl with no education and the boy around the corner sees her and his hormones are raging.  Remember those days? So he then goes and marries her.  She has no education so the parents agree that if she wants to marry it’s ok.  This is the reason that Mbarek never got married.  He said that wanted someone who was smart and preferably French lol..  I still laugh at that.  So they get married and they don’t even know each other.  They have kids and then they become miserable.  The way Mbarek says is that most of them just get married for sex. Okay so many people do.  So what’s different here still?

The young people are now on the internet and they want out.  They want to get out of here so bad that families will pay people like me many thousands of dollars to hook them up with someone in the US or in other countries.  It’s interesting that I’ve been here for two months and I’ve met many of them who want out.  Pleasant young men who are attractive, sweet and fun loving are wanting out.  One of the reasons is they think someone is going to “save” them.  I ask myself save you from what?  Everyone needs saving!  Hell I still need saving!  Mbarek has a hard time some days just walking the street.  Just the other night he was approached by a woman who lives around here and she asked him if I had a sister or a daughter that we could introduce their son to and that they could give us $4000.00 to get them set up.

I suppose what I want to say to them is that you are crazy.  I have told a couple of these guys that things are just not what they think in the states.  It’s not all what they think it’s going to be.  When I decided to move here Mbarek was so happy that I’d actually come to live here in Morocco.  I wanted to for many reasons and one of them is the fact that he’s Muslim.  He doesn’t go to church at all but he is none the less.  He has an accent and might not be treated incredibly great the the US, at least not at the present moment, there’s a lot of hatred toward Muslims. I didn’t want him to give up his work here to come to start over somewhere else.  These guys that want out have no trade, like Mbarek works on everything, he can fix anything.  With no trade and trying to talk to women who are a bit older than them it’s clear all they want is a green card.  Have these guys thought about what they will do when they get to the US?  That’s the thing none of them have thought about it.  Nor have they thought about the fact you have to pay taxes, etc.

I don’t know I really don’t but what I do know it’s very interesting and someone could make a lot of money taking advantage of this situation.


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