Rockin old school movies craving Taco Bell

So I have been feeling like a million dollars recently and that’s good.  I’ve had enough of the depression for a while.  Moving to Africa has been a work in progress to adapt to this lifestyle.  Adapting to not having a job is the major one along with the challenges of the grocery store or lack there of.  However things are looking up.  I have applied for my visa extension and have started a letter writing camp to the King.  I’m hoping he will help me with my visa and citizenship so I don’t have to go to Spain and back.  Although the idea of Spain is right up my alley so it won’t hurt my feelings if I have to go there and come back.  So today I’m watching old school movies while I cook.  Today I’m making green beans, onions and potatoes which is one of my favorite all time meals.  I like to make a big pot and just snack on it or even eat it with meals.  I don’t think the dumplins went over too well with Mbarek so needless to say I ate them all.  This means that I probably cannot fit into the skirts I’ve been wearing because it was very fattening.

Today we are rockin old school movies to the tune of Revenge of the Nerds.  I really love having my day to myself and catching up on some old movies that I haven’t seen in years.  I’ve found a great free movie site.  check it out.  This site doesn’t require you to put in a credit card to get an account.  I recently watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2.  I will need to rewatch it because I got interrupted. They have a great selection of old movies too I really recommend this site.   So I’m on Revenge of the nerds 2 and I have to say I loved this one.  The first one was great but this one I think is great too.  Ha ha who even knows what a polyglock is.  This reminds me of my Sorority time at WKU.  Ha eventhough I was kicked out of my sorority I still made some great friends.  I’ve been trolling all of the movies of the 80’s making a list of all of the ones I want to watch.  What I should do is get in the floor and do some workout moves.  It wouldn’t hurt me to lose a bit of weight and tighten up this gut especially after devouring my dumplins like I did.  My mother n law has been doing wheat so we haven’t really had much fresh bread, that’s a good thing I think.

So I’m totally addicted to Hollywood Gossip and I really have no idea why.  I’ve been trolling the websites and looking at all of the latest news.  For those of you who really know me you know this about me, I’m always in the know about Hollywood.  The one thing I’m sick of hearing about is Blake and Gwen.  Geez is that what the world has come to?  Oh and Selena and Justin.  Even these two couples top the Kardashians for me.  I get my fair share of politics here too but I already know who I’m voting for so it’s a no brain decision for me.  However I’m not telling you who I’ve chosen.  I just know America needs to vote carefully because this is one of the most serious elections ever.  So people get out and vote!

Now for another topic.  I’ve been having a hard time letting go of my life in the US.  As you’ve read I’ve walked away from everything and only brought 5 bags with me to Morocco.  I have been feeling guilty and kind of like I was a failure.  It’s been something that I’ve been really struggling with.  Be that as it may, I have finally decided to let go.  I have let it go.  The last thing that I decided to let go was my bank account.  I always said that I would keep money in my account in the states but I’ve chosen not to.  What’s funny is the bank tells you that your account is free but they charge you money to deposit a check and then change your account where now you have to pay a monthly fee.  I’m not down with that and it’s not anything I need now.  If anyone would like to send me money lol you can do so by Western Union.  After I payed the fees at the bank, used my ATM card and paid more fees for an international withdraw I figure it cost me about $40.  That’s way too damn much to deposit a check and withdraw money.  So my bank account is done.  $40 goes a long way here, it will buy groceries for almost 3 weeks.  See this is one of the many decisions I’ve had to make since I’ve moved here.  It’s been tough I tell you but now that I really only have one thing left in the states it’s a relief.  My mother is the only thing i have left in the states.  The longer I’ve been away from the state of New Mexico the happier I am.  I am happy to be done with my house, all of the shit there I’m done with.  I actually think I’m going to stop receiving the news from there and unsubscribe to the news sites from there.  I know that I will never go back there except for on google maps if I’m bored and it’s late at night.  I do miss my friends there but of course they are on Facebook so I can keep up.  I think the more ties I cut with my old life the happier I will be.  I know many people wish they could have done what I did… just pack up and leave… walk away to seek out happiness.  It’s harder than you think it is.  I speak from experience.

So in efforts to keep it light tonight I am gonna wrap it up because my hubby just came home from work and we are going out for a walk.  That’s the thing I love about it here is that you can walk one mile and be 1/2 way across town.



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