The Glamorous Life

So since I’ve disconnected with New Mexico I have reconnected with Louisville, KY in terms of news and following all that is happening there.  Louisville is my home town after all.  I have been following the news quite closely and I believe I’m in awe as is the rest of the community there over the loss of the two teen boys.  Sad sad, damn Sad I’ll say and I’ll just keep my opinions about that particular subject to myself because they aren’t good and instead of me letting the devil get ahold of my words I’ll look to Allah and pray.  During the last years I’ve been following what has been goin on there in the city because I have many friends and of course family there.  What I’ve seen is children runnin wild in the streets.  Gangs of children runnin the streets vandalizing everything in site.  Now I don’t have children but I don’t believe you have to have in order to speak common sense and truth.  These kids in the city of Louisville are out of control.  What we are seeing is our peers children out of control.  Like it or not the parents we are calling out are our own damn peers.  These childrens parents went to high school somewhere at the same time I did.   We then ask ourselves what the hell happened?  Was there a disconnect in society somewhere?  We want to know where the parents are.  So here’s your answer.  People are tryin to lead a life and they don’t know how to because drugs and pure laziness get a hold of you.  Yep that’s right drugs and laziness.  I know because I use to be an alcoholic and a pill head.  Many of you don’t know that about me but it’s true.  Now I’ve not been a pill head for going on 15 years now but the fact is I know just what that will do to a person.  I just woke up one day and was sick then I’d wake up the next day, not do pills, but be sick.  I was sick either way not doing them or doing them.  So I said what the hell stop spending your money on this shit and move on.  And I did!  Now I have done my fair share of other drugs as well but I never let it become another problem.  The problem is our people are all looking for a way out of their life.  You can have everything in terms of money but when it comes down to it there are as many druggies that are rich as there are poor.  Socioeconomic situation is only used as a crutch.  The problem is you!  People gotta figure out who they are and get on the right path.  Fact is most people don’t wanna look at themselves and say man I’m fucked up I need to get straight they just say it and laugh and move on.  I’m not blamin all things on drugs but let me tell you the research I’ve done on how to get pills in Kentucky, shiiit it’s easy to do because they are everywhere and I haven’t lived there in over 10 years.  Now with that being said people need to wake up.  People are bringing kids into this lifestyle.  People bringing kids into the world addicted to drugs.  I see posts on FB about needing people at the hospital to help soothe addicted babies being born to dirty mothers.

So now ….  this shit starts at home!  This shit starts in the womb people and it’s been allowed to New Jack Louisville.  I’d like to think that people “prey” on your children and get them into this world but let me tell you, you can cut it out in your house.  People are saying you can’t watch your kids 24/7 bullshit, you do what ever you have to do to watch your kids.  Quit your job stay at home and watch those kids because I would.  Now ya’ll know I’m not an advocate for anyone not working but if you had to quit your job and go file for welfare because you gotta watch your out of control kid who’s being preyed on in the streets I’d be all for cuttin you a check.  Responsible parenting starts at home and when you can’t control your kid you need to check yourself then ask for help.  I’mma tell you people say it takes a village to raise a child and yes it does.  Part of the problem in America is that you aren’t allowed to spank / discipline your children.  Here in Morocco if a child is doin something they ain’t suppose to be doin the public will discipline them.  I’ve seen children out of control here and a random adult will snap them up by the ear, give them a talking to right in public in front of everyone.  Adults here don’t hesitate to put the little ones in check here even if it’s not their children.  I’ve seen boys acting up in the street and a mother comes out of a house and spanks both the kids because they were being bad then sends them to their parents.  Believe me at first when I saw that my jaw was on the ground like a flash back from my childhood, but those lil boys didn’t act up no more on my street.  You see this is what is wrong with our society the parents are away and the kids know that no one will discipline them so they run wild and raise themselves.  I know when I was growin up my friends parents were allowed to discipline me if I got out of control over at a friends house, then I’d get it when I got home.  Parents were involved when I was growin up.  Now a days kids are allowed to do what ever the hell they want and they know it. Now we did have that one house where kids ran wild but at the end of the day those kids turned out ok because their parents finally stepped up but you always have the one family.  Shit this is neighborhoods your talkin about today, complete areas of town.

Parents need to step up and quit the bullshit and take care of your kids.  They do it here and let me tell you they don’t have 1/4 the money a welfare family has in the US.  Don’t tell me it’s cause they are poor, bullshit, there are tons of poorer people in the world and their kids mind.  The problem is you!

Society today is all the same no matter where you go.  Now here in Morocco they don’t play with the drug shit like what is allowed in the US so there isn’t a problem with heroin or meth here.  Again everyone works here because there is no welfare system here so you have to work to eat.  There is no disability program here so the family has to take care of the Downs Syndrome child or the family member who is handicapped.  No there are no motorized wheel chairs here they have just the basic ones and many of these people live upstairs so think about that.  There are no free food programs here so literally people give money to those who struggle.  I know that Mbarek and I give money to others every single time we are out.  Every single time we help someone with a dihram or two, even today we helped someone who was mentally challenged and we weren’t out the door not even 20 minutes.  The village seems to help the village here and they don’t have any of the resources that we do in the US.

Here’s the wakeup call ya’ll…..  THERE IS NO GLAMOROUS LIFE!  Life is hard, it’s hard for everyone everywhere in the world not just in your hood.  Get off your phones, turn off your tv’s and internet and look around, step out in your community, get a feel for what’s real.  Poppin bars and Gassin it is waistin your money and you’re kids are sufferin.  Hell you’re teaching your kids this shit. They see you handle stress by poppin a hand full of pills or hittin the bottle, your kids look up to you as a parent.  You are their way to this world and should not be their dead end street.  Wanna know why America is in the shape it’s in?  People trying to get in where they don’t fit in in stead of takin care of their business at home.  If you can’t handle it then there are things you can do.  Hell I have severe depression and sometimes I want to kill myself but you now what I have great people to lean on and so today I’m thinking here I am sittin here being able to write this and every fuckin day is a struggle.  No I’m not on medications because when I took them it didn’t work.  Medication and drugs is not the answer…..the answer is within you.  If your feel good is getting gassed up or shot up then you need to figure out something that makes you happy because at the end of the day you are the problem.  I know because I had to figure out I was the problem myself.  Have I made a better life without all that, NO DOUBT!  Was it hard?  HELL YEAH!  You don’t go from being a pill head for 15 years to straight and not have problems with yourself.  But I tell you this I don’t even drink anymore.  I quit that shit overnight too and I know some of you know I use to hit the bottle alot.  Not anymore!  6 months clean from alcohol too.  I’m not sayin I’m perfect cause I’m not by ANY means but I have to look back on my life now and deal with the shit I created and figure out why.

I just know the shit I’ve seen on tv the last week has got me so fired up that I can’t see straight.  I’d give anything to have kids and haven’t been able to since my daughter died as an infant in 1997.  It’s ashame that some people have kids and just have a cavalier attitude about them.  If you love your kids you will raise them.  Back in the day we all went through phases but you are grown now so quit trying to live The Glamorous Life.  Cause I got news those who are strugglin and raisin their kids to be responsible adults…  that’s glamorous right there!

FYI, you and I know you aren’t raisin your kids if…. they point a gun at the neighbors dogs, lettin your kids smoke weed in your house, letting them run the streets all hours of the night, runnin with the wrong crowd, not going to school, not knowing where they are at all times, lettin them hang out with kids you know does drugs or parents of those kids doin drugs.  Parties, guns, drugs, money are not things for kids.   Kids need sports, school, books, education, community service, good projects, etc..  Too many people raising their kids with parties, guns, drugs, money ….  which one of these spells FUTURE?  I think we all know the answer to that and if you don’t… then ask yourself…  where did parties, drugs, alcohol get you?  Cause that shit is adult fun…Raise your shorties right ya’ll cause they will do their own damage as they grow, they don’t need your help in that way.  Set em straight and be there for them and if you just can’t do it then give your kids to someone who wants them and be on your way.  No one will fault your for that I assure you.

Now that’s all I got say today.   Peace and love to you all!



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