No hot water..

So marriage is something new to me after being divorced for 10 years.  Boy oh boy I didn’t realize what hard work it really was.  I’ve been married since March 13th but I’ve been here with my husband since the first of the year and it’s a struggle for me sometimes.  There are days that I wonder how I do it.  Going from being single for 10 years and then all of a sudden married was way different than my first marriage where we lived together.  Not only that I went from living alone to living with my husband and his family.  That’s the way they roll here in Morocco.  Although we have big plans that will come to fruition we have to stay where we are for a while.  You’d think that society here and the change would be the biggest struggle but it’s not.  The bathroom by far is my biggest struggle here.  Not only do you go to places and wear a long dress only to go to the restroom and see the dreaded squat-t-potty.  Now you ladies know if you are a big gal like myself that squatting down is a real struggle.  For me I get my ass down there in the squat position and can’t get my ass back up.  Keep in mind that these are not handicapped friendly places.  Hell I can barely get the door shut on the bathroom here cause most everyone is skinny.  What can I say Morocco hasn’t seen a big girl this fabulous before, they aren’t prepared, lol.  Anyway I struggle holding up my skirt so it doesn’t get on the ground then have to get my ass up.  I normally only go to the places that has the regular toilet, thank God there are some.

So back to having to share a bathroom..  these bathrooms are just washrooms there’s no tub just a standup shower and everything from washing clothes to wheat is done here so no doubt our bathroom at home is very clean.  However having to share a space boy that’s a complete different thing.  I remember growing up we lived in a 3 bedroom house and 3 of us shared one bathroom.  I could handle that because if one of my parents were showering I could always sneak in if I had to use the toilet bad enough.  Other than that we’d all announce we are going to shower, take a dump etc.  That way you had a chance to go before they got in there.  Well here it seems that people live in the bathroom.  I compare my sister n law and my 80 yr old mother n law to that of 13-14 year old girls.  They get in there and they stay and stay and stay.  Sometimes it’s just outta control.  I’m not one of those people that linger in the bathroom either.  I get my business done and get the hell out especially when I have to share it.  I’m not one of those that take 45 minute steamy hot showers either.  I’m in and out of the shower 20 mins tops from head to toe done.  Now I might have to go back to do my hair when I was at home but now I do all of that in my room.  So not only do I have to share my bathroom with the ladies and my husband but his brother comes over because they don’t have hot water at their house.  So now this guy I love him but dayum….   He comes over shuts the one tiny window in the bathroom, gets the hottest water and then takes a dump.  Now I’mma be real here…this is some nasty shit and when he leaves the bathroom is a damn stinky swamp.  NASTY!  But the thing is that they all close the door tight after their steamy showers and I just can’t handle it.  It’s bad enough without having AC on a 93 degree day then go into a steamy bathroom…  I’m sittin here at coffee just shakin my head God knows what you all are thinkin.

So this morning I go into the bathroom and I’m gonna take a shower.  I feel like I’m back in college mind you because you can’t leave your toiletries in there or someone will use them, so here I go in with my plastic bag.  I get in there and I’m thinkin I am gonna have a great shower…  WELLLLL……  two minutes into my shower the damn hot water runs out.  Now I know this is some bullshit because we don’t have a hot water heater so I know we have hot water.  So I bust out of the shower wet, naked (not caring who sees me), and mad as hell.  I am throwin GD’s around and the F bomb, you’d of thought it was Hiroshima.  Anyway my caring husband, bless his heart, goes in the kitchen to fix the hot water and adjusts the gas on the wall.  He gets the water running just right then I go in again.  Now I’m showering again, get in my bag for the shampoo and wouldn’t you know, NOT A DAMN DROP OF SHAMPOO!  Ok so at this point I’m livid..  I fly out of the bathroom again bitchin!  Who in the hell stole the last dab of my shampoo?  Poor Mbarek it wasn’t him and I know it wasn’t me.  Shit just got real.  I am gonna have to hide my toiletries like I hide money.  Being the wonderful husband he is, he walked to the store and got me shampoo.  Now mind you it’s small like you know those lil travel sizes but it’s what they sell here.  So after all this I finally get a shower.

I’m most certainly convinced that someone in the house is stealin my shampoo and then I’m convinced they are cuttin off the hot water while I’m in the shower cause 9 times outta 10 I have an issue with the shower.  I’m crackin up laughing because I’m sittin here writing about this.  I tell ya I think I have too much time on my hands lol.  But I’m tellin ya if you have ever had to share a bathroom with anyone you know exactly my frustration.

So then let me tell ya we were out of coffee and then cigarettes.  MAN today I called on Jesus and I’m Muslim but Allah wasn’t gettin it today, some things just need JC.  LOL

Well I’ll just say TIAL.  This Is African Life.  It’s funny though you can’t imagine all of the little things that just set me off here.  I think I’ve been way to privileged being from the US.  I could be like all of the others here who go to the community bath houses.  They just built a really nice one on the north side of town and it’s open now.  I am reluctant to go there because it’s way hot and everyone is naked there.  I just don’t like anyone seeing me naked especially all of the women who are in the streets giving me bad looks anyway.  If I went to the bathhouse and got naked they’d all be gossiping.  OH no not me cause the looks they give me are like daggers.  I think they just ain’t seen anyone this fabulous before always cute and smiling.  What can I say most days I love life even when I don’t have hot water.

I love ya’ll I hope you keep reading my blog.  FYI I didn’t spell check I’m flyin by the seat of my pants today.



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