The Gorilla Killing

So I’ve not been voicing much on this subject but I’m gonna now.  You see it’s like this if parents made their kids mind then this wouldn’t have happened.  I’ve heard that the mother of this child was on the phone and several on lookers tried to get her attention.  Now first off you are in a public place where there are all kinds of people, people that could take your child like predators.  You know the simple thing here is that if you are at the zoo with your kid you need to watch them.  You need to watch them all the time.  If you can’t then you need to put them in the stroller and buckle them in this way they can’t go anywhere.  Second thing is even if the mother isn’t watching the kid, someone somebody had to see something.  Why didn’t someone step in.  I bet you there were eye witness accounts and you mean to tell me NOBODY DID NOTHING.  Obviously no one did anything because the kid got in.  Everyone wants to say oh it’s the zoo’s fault, it’s because they are black…  Bullshit I’m gonna tell it like it is.  YOU WASN’T WATCHIN YOUR KID!  PERIOD!

Now let’s think a minute.  If this child was abducted from the zoo who’s fault would it have been?  If the child had fell into the enclosure and died who’s fault would it have been? This is not a black issue.  This is a parent being responsible issue.  If your child is wild, and some of em are, then you need to do what you need to do to keep them close.  I don’t go out and let my dog off the leash knowing he’s gonna run into traffic or bite somebody.  Oh so I take my dog out to the coffee house and he goes and bites someone then it’s my fault.  See how simple all this is!  Social media is now coming to a new era and the public is finally calling out these irresponsible parents.  It’s about damn time.

I say when you do something that endangers your child, like this, then you need to be held accountable.  I know that during my days as a child this kinda thing didn’t happen.  Ask yourself why?  Because my momma didn’t allow me to climb on shit like that.  She watched my every move.  Even today my momma watches my every move and I’m 40 freakin 2 years old.  I can only hope through the death of an innocent animal that this parent learns to watch her kid.

And that folks is the way it is!


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